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LBB Artistry & FX was founded on a bold creative spirit with one pure objective: to challenge what is considered today’s true definition of beauty, regardless of the industry. By seamlessly offering expert services in a wide range of make-up services: Editorial and Beauty, Body Painting, true-to-life MoulageSpecial FX , and Creative. Lauren intends to revamp the meaning of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, regardless of industry or individual taste.


The big question is how a make-up artist can stand out in a constantly evolving field.  Lauren, owner and operator of LBB Artistry & FX, combines her traditional background in sculpting and painting, along with intensive real-world training in Moulage and Combat Injury Simulation, to design gruesome wounds, horrific injuries, and monsters from the depths of your worst nightmares.  An explosive and vast world of creations essential for providing services to active training scenarios or building visual worlds for TV and Film.

When it comes to cleaning up nice, her extensive MAC training effortlessly mixes with her taste for Vintage Bourgeoisie; giving her a unique perspective in both cosmetics and design.   Whether accentuating the elegance of a bride on her wedding day or executing makeup concepts backstage at Fashion Week, Lauren is always prepared to help others realize their visions for beauty or build a world of complex colors and designs to meet the demands of whoever requires them.


As a knowledgeable and experienced business owner, she understands that the key to building solid business relationships with her clients is to provide prompt and reliable service. What is most important to Lauren in sharing her art with the world is her personal desire for the customers to be happy and to have fun experimenting with make-up design.


LBB Artistry & FX is forging a new path for creativity in all mediums. Whether providing services for glamorous weddings, building worlds from scratch, designing makeup for film, high-fidelity trainings or backstage runway concepts, Lauren will bring your visions to life.